Break Through the Tradition and Lead the Intelligent Electrical Industry to the Cutting-edge of the Era

Author: Lorraina Chen

With the Internet and the Internet of Things leading the world into a new era of information data empowerment, all walks of life are conforming to a new trend of wisdom reform. Under the surging trend of global digital development, the proportion of educational investment and industrial development research of electrical engineering technology in the world’s national development investment is increasing day by day, and intelligent electrical engineering technology occupies an important position in the industry all over the world. Having worked deeply in the smart electrical industry for many years, Mr. LIANG Kun is deeply aware that the development of the smart electrical industry needs to lead by persisting in innovation and keeping up with the trend, and he has brought many innovative ideas and technological achievements to this industry. Today, we have the honor to invite Mr. LIANG Kun for an interview. Let’s listen to his ideas and ideas on the intelligent electrical industry.

Q: When and which university did you graduate from? What is your major? Does it correspond to what you do later?

A: I graduated from University of Science and Technology of Chengdu in 1992, majoring in electrical technology, which is similar to the work I have been engaged in since I founded Shanghai LEFON Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co..

Q: You have been engaged in the intelligent electrical engineering industry for many years. What positions have you held? What contribution does it bring to the company and the industry?

A: I founded Shanghai LEFON Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co. in 2004. Now I have been serving as the general manager of the company and participate in the operation and decision-making of the company. While running the company, in order to further understand the future development needs of the intelligent electrical industry, I also devoted myself to researching and inventing 13 national patents. Based on years of research in the industry and understanding of new intelligent electrical technology, I invented and created 4 new text copyrights. It has refined and integrated my innovative understanding of the intelligent electrical industry and the breakthrough creation for the industry. My company, supported by the innovative technology I developed, has an annual revenue of more than 15 million dollars, and it continues to grow steadily in recent years.

Q: You mentioned your innovative achievements in the smart electrical industry combined with high and new technologies. What are they? What significance and development have they brought to the industry?

A: Considering that the electrical engineering industry is in the intersection with the intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment, in addition to 13 national patents, the most innovative technological achievements I have researched and invented are as follows: “An AI-based Electrical Equipment Condition Monitoring and Warning Model and Its Method”, “Electrical Management Data Acquisition System Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm”, “A Load Forecasting System Integrating PLC Technology and Principal Component Analysis — BP Neural Network”, “Power Quality Monitoring Platform Based on LabVIEW and Zigbee”. With the integration of data processing technology, power electronics collection technology, PLC electrical technology, AI electrical detection technology and traditional electrical engineering, these technical achievements of mine have great commercial value and industrial significance, providing comprehensive and systematic intelligent upgrading and transformation for complete sets of electrical equipment. This will greatly alleviate the aging of electrical equipment, high energy loss, poor technical performance and other problems, and bring subversive changes to traditional electrical engineering.

Q: What is your vision for the electrical engineering industry in the future?

A: Electrical engineering, as an enduring national pillar industry, has always supported and led the development of the global economy. In the future, I will continue to break through the tradition, continue to focus on the optimization and upgrading of electrical equipment and technical service platform, combined with intelligent high-tech, research and development and innovation of electrical equipment processing technology, leading the company and the electrical engineering industry to a new era of digital intelligence.

Reporter: I see. Thank you for your time!

Mr. LIANG Kun: You’re welcome. Thank you, too.