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The blockchain market discussion group is open for a limited time

Welcome to our “Dominate the Cryptocurrency Market” training discussion group! Join professionals and enthusiasts to discuss the latest cryptocurrency trends, investment opportunities and technological innovations. Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, we welcome you to join us! We specially invite Professor William Anderson to join our discussion group. He has extensive experience […]

China Scientists Forum: A Diverse Gathering of Professionals

Reporter: Jessica Anderson The 21st China Scientists Forum was successfully held in Beijing from April 27th to 28th. This forum attracted the participation of nearly 2,000 scientists, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. The theme of the forum was “Chinese-style Modernization and Systematic Innovation of Science and Technology,” aiming to promote technological […]

NFTScan Becomes Official NFT Data Provider for CoinMarketCap

NFTScan, the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, is now an official data provider for CoinMarketCap, the leading cryptocurrency market website. As part of this collaboration, NFTScan will provide professional multi-chain NFT data support to CoinMarketCap’s NFT section, offering comprehensive insights into the NFT market. The CMC NFT Data Section: As shown in the interfaces […]

Internationally Acclaimed Industrial Designer Califor Liang(Leon)Liu was invited to give a speech at d. school, Stanford University

May 12th, 2023,from 3:30pm to 5:30pm (Pacific Time) , Liang(Leon)Liu, the global design leader, Internationally Acclaimed Designer, Califor Design Founder & CEO, winner of the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award, as the specially Invited speaker, at, Stanford University, shared a wonderful speech on “How to create a global hit design, let industrial […]

A Nash Consensus-Based Decentralized Storage Platform

With the continuous development of blockchain and Web3 technology, there is a growing realization of the importance of decentralized storage. Decentralized storage offers multiple advantages, such as enhanced data security and reliability, prevention of single points of failure, and better data control for users. In practical applications, however, decentralized storage also faces some challenges, such […]

Largest number of cherry blossom trees at the riverside pathway|Verified by WRCA

Muyan Riverside Scenic Cherry Blossom Viewing area in Nanjing (Jiangsu, China) is built along the Yangtze River with a total length of 3.5 kilometers. There are 5,052 cherry blossom trees planted along the riverside. Verified by the WRCA, the Muyan Riverside Scenic Cherry Blossom Viewing area successfully set the world record for the “Largest number […]