FINTOCH public chain conference in Malaysia, more than 5,000 people participated in the event

The encryption market has been turbulent in recent years, and the hearts of users have been tumbling. However, since the establishment of the Fintoch platform last year, the market has seen a wave of reform that can be described as a tug of war users’ confidence has been stabilized by Fintoch’s unique Hybriid technology and greatly enhanced asset security. Fintoch promises to host financial public chain conferences in major cities around the world. After hosting the Greater China Consensus Conference in Shenzhen, China, this time it comes to Kuala Lumpur to hold a great grand conference with a large number of guests and crowds. The influx continued, and it is estimated that at least more than 5,000 people participated in the event.

At the conference, there were teams from 13 countries including Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Laos, etc., attending this grand conference. It shows the internationalization and diversification of Fintoch. The participation of each country represents support and recognition of this emerging financial platform. People can’t help but admire Fintoch is really fascinating.

Mr. William Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Fintoch, also spoke in person. He said that Fintoch’s initial target was to be listed on NASDAQ in 2025, but thanks to the support of users and the company’s plans, development was going very well and all targets were exceeded in terms of attainment, so that the listing target could be achieved next year, which is ahead of schedule to 2024. This statement was met with excitement and a round of applause from all those in the audience. William Thompson also announced the March Rank Challenge. If you succeed in the challenge, you will be rewarded with a USDT cash voucher. All guests jumped at the chance to win when they saw the generous prize.

Such a grand event won’t be without wonderful songs and dance performances with traditional Malaysian dances, Fintoch has also invited Malaysian king Amy Search and singer Anuar Zain. Their singing amazed everyone in the event with more than 20 best-selling albums, dozens of best-selling songs and singles and dozens of sold-out concerts, Amy Search has certainly lived up to his title as the King of Rock and Roll. Anuar Zain is also a very well-known singer, and the guests at the scene also swayed along with the performance, making the whole event livelier.

The most anticipated part of the event was the lucky draw. the Fintoch team drew a car, the grand prize was PERODUA AXIA, and the biggest prize was a super node cash voucher worth 8,888 USDT, giving away more than 3 million USDT cash vouchers and a big gift in total, pushing the atmosphere to the highest point. In the future, Fintoch will continue to hold public chain conferences in major cities around the world, and the next stop will be held in South Korea. I believe it will definitely call for more like-minded users to join.

Industry analysts believe that the scale and user response of the public chain conference is, to a certain extent, it is a massive boost to the future success of financial public chains. As an emerging financial platform, Fintoch has given new life to the development of the decentralized financial market with its efficient and secure financial services and unique Hybriid security technology. In the future, it will continue to bring more reforms and benefits to amaze the market and users.